A Brush With Kindness

A Brush With Kindness

For over 30 years, Habitat MCTX has been providing home repairs in Montgomery County for homeowners who are in need of critical repairs on their homes. In fact, the affiliate started on the basis of home repair with a group of passionate volunteers and ventured into new construction upon formal formation in 1989.

Tommie came to Habitat with a strong desire to receive home repairs from the Habitat MCTX Home Repair program in 2018. As most repairs go, there were things about the house that we knew Habitat volunteers could repair, but some that we would be unable to touch. This fact did not phase Tommie, and she was willing to do whatever it took to receive the help from Habitat. Just as it is with new home construction, families are required to contribute time and hands to the repair in addition to paying back a reasonable amount of the material costs.

Upon approval of the project, our volunteers stepped in, hammers in hand, ready to make some crucial improvements to Tommie’s house, all of which the home needed to be safe for her again. Home Repair Volunteers scraped off old exterior paint, repaired siding, repainted, replaced windows and fixed her porches so that her exterior doors would open smoothly again. Tommie’s family worked alongside the volunteers each and every time they came to work on the project. Tommie hosted the volunteers so well, pouring coffee and providing water for everyone taking the time to work on her home. She provided great conversation on her front porch and made sure that the volunteers felt fulfilled and happy. By the time the project was complete, relationships had been formed and the volunteers were sad to see their time with Tommie and her family was coming to an end.

Tommie’s story is just a glimpse into the large scope that is the Habitat MCTX Home Repair program. We have the privilege of serving many families just like Tommie’s by repairing homes to provide a safe, stable place for families to stay in their homes. Each year, the need for critical home repairs is increasing in Montgomery County and we need the hands of volunteers to help us complete these projects. If you are interested in volunteering with the home repair program, sign up to volunteer today!

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