Deconstruct in 5 easy steps!

  1. Potential clients should read the Deconstruction FAQ.
  2. Email to set up a site visit.
  3. The Deconstruction/ Donation Manager will inspect the property to assess the project requirements and technical elements of the deconstruction.
  4. The deconstruction needs will be evaluated for qualification for the program and a proposal will be sent within 5-7 business days.
  5. Once a contract is signed and the funding secured, the deconstruction project will be scheduled.

Deconstruction vs Traditional Demolition

Deconstruction is the systematic disassembly of a structure in the reverse order of construction to maximize the preservation of building material for reuse and recycling purposes. Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, TX’s (Habitat MCTX) program is uniquely suited for property owners, remodelers, and builders who are environmentally conscious or desire to leverage the tax advantages of working with a non-profit organization.

Demolition is complete removal of a structure by machine. Traditional demolition contractors remove materials and send them to a landfill without regard to environmental impact. When Habitat MCTX provides demolition services in conjunction with deconstruction, they are able to reclaim unusable building materials and recycle much of the remaining items into mulch, aggregate fill, and reusable metal.

Partner with Habitat MCTX to deconstruct your home or remodel project today and help keep items out of the landfill!