In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind Donations

Do you or your company have unused building materials, hardware or related supplies? Are you interested in sharing your professional skill set with Habitat? In-kind donations of materials and services are a vital part of our mission; they help us cut costs and build more housing in our community.

Donate Bulk or Materials to Habitat Projects

We accept donations of many types of building materials, supplies, and tools. Due to bulk purchasing agreements, ongoing in-kind donor relationships and maintaining continuity and construction standards on all Habitat homes, we are often unable to utilize donated items in new home construction. Our materials and logistics staff handle these types of donations and determine their suitability to be used on site.

Items that cannot be used in a new Habitat home may be donated to the ReStore. Revenue from donated items sold at the ReStore help us build more Habitat homes each year! So rest assured that your donation will be put to good use helping families in need.

Donate Materials to The Habitat MCTX Restore

The Habitat MCTX ReStore is your local home improvement outlet. The ReStore sells new and gently used home improvement materials that have been donated. The revenue raised from sales goes directly to the Habitat mission and work. The ReStore accept donations of home improvement materials from the public, businesses and contractors.

Learn more about donating to the ReStore or to view a list of products that we accept.

*Please note that the IRS does not recognize value of a person’s time or services as a gift-in-kind.

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