Other Ways to Give

Other Ways to Donate to Habitat

Give While you Shop!

Contribute to Habitat MCTX while you shop on Amazon using this link. The best part…it won’t cost you any extra!

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Memorial and tribute gifts are designated in honor or memory of a loved one or in celebration of a milestone event, such as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation.

Give Stock or Other Securities

Habitat MCTX accepts gifts of securities, and the policy is to sell marketable securities immediately upon receipt from the donor. You may make gifts of securities by electronic transfer.  A gift of transferred securities is considered complete on the date it is received in the affiliate’s account.


  • Give from anywhere at any time
  • Use checking, savings, debit or credit card account to give
  • After a one-time registration process, give simply by texting an amount

Register via your mobile device by simply texting REGISTER to (936) 506-2604 from your mobile phone.

Text2Give number: (936) 506-2604

Text2Give key words:

  • REGISTER – Register phone number and account information for Text2Give
  • UPDATE – Make changes to an existing Text2Give Registration – update contact information and/or payment method
  • VOID and REFUND – To have a transaction cancel or reversed
  • FAQ – Receive a link to the Text2Give Help Page
  • REMOVE – Deactivate your Text2Give Registration

Corporate Matching Gifts

A corporate match may allow you to double, or even triple, the impact of your gift, and you will receive recognition for the entire amount! Find out if your employer has a program that will match your donations made to Habitat.

Volunteer Grants

Employee volunteer grants are offered by a number of of companies. These grants take into account participants who volunteer in the community on an individual basis. Once a volunteer submits their hours, Habitat MCTX verifies the submission and then receives a financial grant from the organization.

ExxonMobil, Insperity, Shell Oil and Chevron are examples of companies that advocate and reward volunteer efforts. Follow your company guidelines for submission.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a type of charitable giving that allows you to express your personal values.  While integrating your charitable, family and financial goals, planned giving usually decreases the income, estate, and gift tax burdens upon both your estate and descendants. Structuring a planned charitable gift usually requires the assistance of a knowledgeable advisor such as an attorney, financial planner, or CPA.

Some examples of this type of gift include:

  • Living Trust
  • Life Insurance
  • Retained Life Estate
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

Legacy Bequests

You believe in the mission and understand that we will continue to make a positive difference in the world far into the future.  Now you want to ensure that you can provide future support.

By including a charitable bequest in your will or revocable trust, you are often able to give more than would have been possible during your lifetime. Bequests may be kept private, and they can be changed at any time throughout your life. Bequests are relatively easy to establish, often with just a simple addition to a will or revocable trust, and gifts through bequests qualify for certain estate tax deductions.

Bequests can take several forms such as:

Specific bequest – a certain amount of cash, securities, or property.
General bequest – property that is similar to all other items distributed, usually cash.
Percentage bequest – a stated percentage of the donor’s estate.
Residual bequest – all or a portion of what remains of the estate after specific and general bequests are distributed.

Capital Campaigns

Habitat MCTX will periodically conduct capital campaigns.  These campaigns support significant growth while strengthening our commitment to provide a program that offers hard working families the opportunity of obtaining safe, affordable housing through home ownership. Capital campaigns are used to raise money for projects such as new construction and building renovations or expansions.

A recent example of this is the relocation of the Habitat MCTX ReStore, formerly located in a small warehouse, which lacked necessary space and air conditioning.  With the help of donors supporting the ReStore Capital Campaign,  the newly constructed building has tripled the retail space and offers supporters a comfortable and accessible environment to shop, donate and volunteer.