Meet Jesus and Milianie

Meet Jesus and Milianie

“My family moved to Cedar Creek when I was a teenager. My mom built our home with the help of Habitat for Humanity, Montgomery County, Texas, their volunteers, staff, and our loved ones.

Now, as a husband and father, I joined the program and I’m building a home for my family. I am very thankful to my mom for creating this opportunity for me and for teaching me how to start building generational wealth.

Since my wife and I had our daughter, Leilani, we have been living in a small home with my parents, and my sister. It is very crowded and we don’t have any privacy.

Cedar Creek is being built by the hard work of so many people who want to create a safe and caring community. All our experiences in the homeownership program have been helpful and meaningful to us. We feel connected to our future neighbors because they are going through the same process, and we share the excitement!

We are super excited about having a place of our own! Leilani, our daughter, is going to grow up in her own room and we can dedicate all our space and time to her. Our favorite room is going to be our living room since that is where we are going to spend birthdays, holidays, and Sunday mornings together.

I see a brighter future ahead of us and we feel very blessed knowing that we are going to thrive as a family as we move into our new safe, decent, and affordable home.”


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