The Power of Community

The Power of Community

Iris Richardson, a hardworking mom of two teenagers, never thought she would be in a position to ever buy or build her own home. One day, while visiting with some co-workers at her job as a back-up manager of a Kroger deli department, Iris learned that one of them had built her home in partnership with Habitat MCTX.

Very intrigued, she attended an October 2018 information meeting right away. Iris came away excited, highly interested, and began to pray hard about the process. She filled out an application and not long after, while heating up a pizza on her lunch break, a phone call came in from Habitat with the great news that she met all of the qualifications and was asked to be part of the program…and the pizza didn’t get eaten. She was so excited that all hunger disappeared!

Two of Iris’ three children are teens, still living at home and were very excited about having the privacy of their own rooms for the very first time. “They share the same room. My daughter is very neat and organized, and my son… well, he’s a boy!” Brandon and Andrea, Iris’ children, attend Conroe ISD Schools. Brandon enjoys ROTC and ‘serving the Lord’; Andrea enjoys sporting activities, and is interested in one day being a veterinarian. Iris feels that Cedar Creek is safer than places they have lived in the past, and this new three bedroom, one bath home is a place that her children can finally call their own.

Part of Iris’ sweat-equity with Habitat for Humanity has included working at ReStore, helping raise walls, assisting with roofing, installing siding, and caulking for other Habitat homes being built. All the homes she has helped with are now occupied by people who are now her neighbors. Iris shared that a most rewarding experience during the construction of her home was hearing kind words from her neighbors and friends saying, ”We can’t wait for them to get started on yours– so we can help you with your house.”

Iris now enjoys her sweet little corner lot in Cedar Creek, surrounded by the love and support of her new neighbors.

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